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A little bit about me

(as they say in Hamburg) I’m Caro, comic artist and illustrator, and even though I’ve been living and working in Berlin for some time now, I’ll always be a Hamburger at heart (as in Hamburg, the city; not hamburger, the food :D).
That might not be where I hatched (in the year of 1988 – still got a fancy GDR seal on my birth certificate), but, as the story goes, in 2006, my educational plans took me to the beautiful harbor city and I just fell in love and wanted to stay there forever.

Well, things never turn out the way you expect, and that’s exactly what happened with my career plans. I actually, seriously tried to work full-time as a communication designer – after all, that’s what I studied and liked to do.
However, it only took half a year for me to realize that being employed in the same position within the same company all the time just isn’t my thing. Plus wouldn’t I like it much better to create illustrations and comics?

So, what now?

As we all know, ideas need to mature, so my short-term solution in 2010-2011 was to add another training, this time in 2D animation (the really oldschool version, with pencils and pegbars on an animation table :D), and reduce my full-time job to part-time, in order to be able to work on my career as a freelancer in the remaining time.

I admit that there were days when I just went for a coffee with friends, but I also created a couple of explanatory videos, my first freelance magazine illustrations and my official comic debut, “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”, in “GroßstadtAugen”, published by Droemer Knaur, during that time.

In 2015, I realised I was trying to juggle too many balls at once – and didn’t I actually want to create comics? So I handed in my resignation for the end of the year, dug up an old concept for a comic series from my student days and published the first volume at Comic Salon Erlangen in 2016. There I full-throatedly prided myself in front of everyone who did or didn’t want to hear about it on “Vom Anfang/The Origin Story“, a fantasy adventure comic series with female protagonists (because there are still too few of those!), that I write, draw and even publish all by myself – because I can.

Shockingly, people believed me and I had to deliver and draw the next volume, and the one after that, and accompanying booklets, and artbooks, and merch to go with it. To put it briefly, since 2016, I’ve been doing little to nothing else; I spend my winters drawing, publish a new comic in spring/summer and ‘go on tour’ to various fairs and conventions from Germany to Austria, in order to put the thing (and anything else I made in the meantime) into readers’ hands. Meanwhile, I don’t grow tired of explaining that I’m NOT Cosima. I just like red-haired girls…

I know what you want to ask

Can you make a living from that?‘ – And I like to reply with a wholehearted ‘Yes and no’. 😀

Luckily, my comic empire has grown to make up a considerable portion of my income, thanks to my online shop sales and Patreon support. I (still need to) rely on additional work in the form of freelace illustrations for the book market, design of beloved characters, coloring of other artists’ comics and other things where my help is needed, though.

But I’m getting there – let’s see what I’ll be writing 5 years from now, when I’ll decide it’s time to update this website once again. ;D



  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Wacom Cintiq (the big one… because I don’t know limits)


  • Water colors
  • Ink

Work experience

02/2011 – until now

illustration, comic, storyboard, sympathetic figures, character design, cover art, coloration, explanatory films
Self-published various comics, zines, artbooks and print products

11/2009 – 12/2015
Part time 2D Artist Farbflut Entertainment GmbH

Illustration, Conceptart, 2d Assets

11/2007 – 01/2009
Graphic Assistant Projekt Kontor GmbH

Illustration, layout, print preparation, corporate design


animation-school-hamburg |
2D animation design

2006 – 2009
Hamburger Technische Kunstschule |
Communication Design
Focus on illustration/multimedia


Silberpfeil 58, 60, 66 | (Coloration) – Wick Comics
Sumi |
Kult Comics
Anna Blue – Off the Record |
(Coloration) – Altraverse
#comfortzone 1-2 |
Vom Anfang
Hinter der Linie | self-published
Vom Anfang
1-5 | Self-published
Königin der Nacht | Self-Published
Dead Ends | Zwerchfell
Großstadtaugen | Droemer Knaur/Comicstars
Minimanga | Kidszone
Short Stack 3 | Angry Gnome Comics


    You would like to tell me something, have questions or want to tackle a project?
    Then feel free to send me an email directly via the contact form. I am always happy to receive mail and try to answer messages within 3-4 business days, but if it does take longer - don't be afraid to follow up again. 🙂 (Unfortunately I have no capacities for internships at the moment)

    For project requests not covered by my comissionsheet - please be as specific as possible in describing the planned scope, project timeframe, intended use and desired budget - so that I can provide a concrete estimate.