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Thank you for being interested in my work – I’d love to create something for you!
I have a waiting list in place that you can check out here: Waiting list
Please note that the shown prices apply to private commissions only; for commercial inquiries, please use my contact form..

Terms of ServiceRequest formCommercial Inquiries

Style examples

01 – Digitale sketch

Grayscale or Monochrome – 120 €
Main color can be chosen
Solid background color
Characters solid colorshapes or soft cellshaded
No revisions

Additional characters + 40€
Background elements/props + from 50 €
(30% discount on total amount for only half body drawing)

02 – Digital greyscale ink drawing

Lineart with clear gray areas, Soft shadows or texture – 220 €
One background color, gradient and/or shadow possible
2 Revisions after sketch

Additional characters + 80 €
background elements/props + from 100 €
(30% discount on total if only half body)

03 – Analog ink works b/w

A5 – Black ink drawing +
Goldaccent on drawing cardboard or aqaurell paper – 350 €
Only half body! No backgrounds.
Backgrounds are black areas or inkwash fog.
2 Revisions after sketch

Additional characters + 180 €
+ shipping (International insured packages .about 15-20 euros)

04 – Digital color drawings

Cellshadingcoloration with strong lineart – 380 €
One background color/gradient/shadow or fog swab possible
2 Revisionsafter sketch
1 Revision after color mockup

Additional characters +€180
Background elements/items + from €200

(30% discount on total amount if only half body)

05 – Digital color drawing complex

Digital painting – 600 €
Painted soft coloration with light lineart
One background color/gradient/shadow or fog texture possible

2 Revisionsafter sketch
2 Revision after color mockup
1 revision after final preview (small detail additions are possible)

Additional character + 200 €
Background elements/items + from 200 €
(30% discount on total amount if only half body)

Things I’ll Draw

I love to draw fantasy themes in high contrast grayscale or color and I feel most confident drawing characters that are more on the feminine side. Horns and tails are totally my jam and I’m always happy to render DnD or other tabletop characters, or your OCs in general! Let me see your babies!
NSFW and/or horror themes are not a problem, either – just contact me with your request 🙂

What I wouldn’t recommend myself for are commissions of very technical subjects (modern weapons, cars, cyborgs, motorbikes). I’ll manage somehow… but others will probably do a better job.

I generally won’t illustrate subjects that are owned by third parties (i.e. fan art). By commissioning me, you confirm that you are either the creator/ intellectual owner of the depicted character and/or that you are authorized to pass on said rights.

I also refuse to draw symbols of hate or other discriminatory themes. Apart from that, I can’t think of any hard no-gos right now, as long as everything stays within the law.


In that case, please read the commission terms carefully before filling in the request form. Submitting the form does not yet constitute the conclusion of an order. I reserve the right to refuse requests without further explanation.

Terms of Service

1. Commission Request and Process

To send a request, please fill in the form provided below and try to provide as much information as you can.
You can directly upload references as image files (.png, .jpg, .gif) or you can send me a link to Google Drive or similar.
It is also possible to hand in descriptions in pure writing. However, please note that the service I offer does not include character design, and the likelihood that your request will be rejected because I have too little information may increase.

After you submit the form, I will contact you via the provided email to confirm (or decline, if necessary) your commision, send you the payment terms (see section 6) and discuss further details.

If I can’ t take care of your request right away, with your permission, I will put you on the waiting list and contact you again later. You won’t receive a payment request until I can actually start working on your illustration.

2. Revisions and Steps

Depending on the selected style, a different number of revisions is possible. For details, please see the descriptions next to the style sample images above.

You will receive a simple preview sketch based on your description (except if you chose a sketch commission), and you will have the possibility to request changes, if necessary.
Or you simply approve it for the next step.

Black and white artwork will be completed right after sketch approval.

For color artwork, once the lineart is finished, you will receive a preview color mockup for which you can also request changes – or just approve it so I’ll be able to finish your commission 🙂

Final artwork – minor changes (contrast, particles, change of eye color) are possible.
Further revisions beyond the number stated for the style you choose will be charged with an additional €40 each.

3. Deadline/Turnaround

Illustrations will be completed within 2-4 weeks after confirmation of the order and successful payment. (See section 6)
I have a waiting list in place that you can check out here.

If the artwork needs to be delivered by a certain date, please indicate this in the form. I reserve the right to charge an urgency fee if necessary.

4. File Format

You will receive a digital high-res file (300dpi) with ca. 2500/3500*3500 px (depending on the format you want), and a web optimized file (72dpi) with ca. 1200*800 px.
Format:JPG, PNG, and merged PSD (Photoshop) file.
You will receive a .zip file including all files via Dropbox Filelink.

Analog artwork will be shipped via DHL parcel.

5. Right of Use & Copyright

All commissioned works are for private use only.
This means you can print your illustration, hang it on your wall, and/or use it as an avatar/banner on your private social media channels.
In case of the latter, you agree to credit me in a suitable spot on your profile.

Any form of commercial use (including, for example, using the image as a promotional graphic for pre-ordering your first novel or similar) is expressly NOT permitted.

Should the situation arise that a private channel is gradually transforming into a commercial project (e.g. Twitch streaming with subscriptions), it is possible to grant the necessary artwork rights retrospectively.
In that case, please contact me via email at kontakt[at], or through my contact form.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to use my work in connection with cryptocurrencies and NFTS.

I retain the option to post the commissioned artwork on my own social media channels or use it as a work reference (with or without crediting the commissioner).

6. Payment and Cancellation

All listed prices are in EURO(€).
I accept invoice payments via international bank transfer, or via Paypal.
For total prices exceeding €400, I only accept bank transfer for security reasons.
The invoice is to be paid within seven days.

As long as I haven’t started working on the illustration, you can cancel your order without stating a reason; after that, cancellation is no longer possible.

No refunds on completed work.

The invoice is to be paid in full in advance; I will start working only after I receive the payment. For larger orders ( €600 and up), a 50-50 installment payment is possible (50% at the beginning and 50% before I start with the final rendering).

7. Data Retention

Your data will be stored locally for the purpose of processing your order and will be deleted after the illustration has been completed.

Commission Request

    Please fill in the form as concretely as possible.
    If there is something about your character that is particularly important and should be highlighted, please let me know. Better too many descriptions than too few!
    Feel free to make a rough sketch of what you have in mind. Stick figures are quite enough 🙂
    The more information I have the better the result!

    Which style category do you want?

    Which format? (Analog only landscape or portrait)

    Half body (30% discount)