Carolin Reich

Comic artist, author, illustrator and excel magician

Hi - I am Caro!
I write, draw and publish the comics teen-me would have loved to read. That means mainly adventure stories with female, mostly angry main characters. I also do illustrations and designs for book covers, magazines, sympathy figures and anything else that might fit. 🙂
Mostly digital with drawing tablet and Photoshop and now and then with brush and black ink.

13+ Heroic Fantasy Action Dramedy

Vom Anfang

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And there is also a fish boy!
The comic series Vom Anfang has been my main project since 2016. I write, draw and publish the series (which will have seven volumes in the end), which I also provide gradually freely available on the Internet as a webcomic after print publication, completely myself. (With a few helping hands who are allowed to give their opinion on script and storyboard and as a thank you also have to help coloring). We are currently working on Volume Six.
Feel free to read online to get an impression or order the books directly in my store.

Every now and then I have to go out...

Conventions | Fairs

My comics tend to have smaller print runs and are therefore not represented in bookstores. But I sell them directly at various conventions, because I can to well understand that people like to hold books in their hands for a real first impression.
My next events where I present my books and illustrations and sometimes even draw live are:

It's dangerous to go alone - take this.

No time for conventions? Fear not!

All my works can also be ordered online from me and I may wrap them lovingly and will send them to you. Also signed if you like to have a signature.

I also do commissions.
So if you would like to have a drawing made by me only for you , for example of your DnD character (or DSA, Pathfinder etc. you know what you like to play), own OC, partner or your pet, you will find all the necessary info here too.

StoreCommissioned work

Not enough yet? I got you!

Additional material around the comic and my general work, like making offs, bonus comics, unpublished sketches, request livestreams, process videos, .Psds, Comic-pdfs and High-Res Screensaver and also exclusive Merch, as well as a VA-Discordserver and much more you can find on my Patreon.

Patreon - Look inside!
Social media and contact

And what else?

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram, where I regularly talk about current things and post new pictures.

    You would like to tell me something, have questions or want to tackle a project?
    Then feel free to send me an email directly via the contact form. I am always happy to receive mail and try to answer messages within 3-4 business days, but if it does take longer - don't be afraid to follow up again. 🙂 (Unfortunately I have no capacities for internships at the moment)

    For project requests not covered by my comissionsheet - please be as specific as possible in describing the planned scope, project timeframe, intended use and desired budget - so that I can provide a concrete estimate.